The horrors of wash day – afro hair




Finally my scalp was itchy enough, the ends of my hair were dry enough, and I couldn’t really tell whether my hair was greying or just dirty so I sucked it up and committed to the whole hair washing shebang: I planned to pre-wash, shampoo, deep condition, condition, leave-in, moisture and seal the hell out of my hair.

Actually I got tired after the shampoo part so I skipped to the conditioner, only rinsed about ¾ of it out, whacked in two types of leave-in, slathered on some butters and then called it a night.

Here’s what I used.



I had somewhere to be on Tuesday so I hoped my hair would dry and set over 48 hours. But after years and years of trying for consistency I’m still rolling the dice with my hair care so who knows how it would turn out.

Tuesday afternoon I undid the wash day plaits – my go to style wasn’t working too well but the result was defined-ish, a bit stiff but good enough…

So what’s to say, after that particular combination of products – I wasn’t loving the results – my hair was stiff but worse still it felt rough and on Saturday when I tried to transition to twists, God damn it was a battle to part my hair. Which started out like this:

And ended up like this




I’m not a fan of twists I lose a lot of hair and it only looks tidy for about a day.  So I’m not sure what subversive thoughts were at play but I went against type


And here they are 3 days later already starting to matt up


Now I can’t keep twists in long; my hair matts up and breaks when I undo them.
So after a 4-5 hour struggle on Saturday this is only good for 14 days max.
And then I’ll undo them, wear them out for a day and then re-start on the whole hair washing merry-go-round.


Yes, it’s my goddamn hair!


The Versatility of Afro Hair





Yes that’s me in both pictures.  I have simply undone my plaits.  I am not wearing a wig.

This is what afro hair can do!

And when you ask me whether that’s my hair I’m not impressed by your amazement; I am astounded by your ignorance.