5 steps to detangle after mini braids


How to sort out dirty matted 3 month old mini braids 


112 days later and the optimal combination of motivation, time available, energy, and patience was finally there; I took out my mini braids. What can I say? Sometimes personal hygiene isn’t top of my agenda.

Nasty as this all sounds I’ve done these stretches a few times and I know a thing or two about the perfect post-take-down drill to avoid tangles and hair loss.

1. Don’t use shampoo
I know! The hair is as dirty as **** but trust me shampoo isn’t going to help your plight. Detangling is your priority after take down not getting your hair clean.
2. Don’t comb your hair
Again, counter intuitively perhaps, but combing and brushing the hair at this point isn’t going to help the detangling situation. The hair is dry and combing and brushing is only going to encourage breakage.
3. Reach for the oil
Olive oil in my case. Slather that oil all down the hair shaft. This coating is going to reduce the friction level exponentially when you try to move those hair strands past each other.
4. Reach for the conditioner
Get friendly with the Dimethicone. Pour it on and leave it on. I slept with L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Conditioner and rinsed it off about 12 hours later.  I followed it up with a silicone based leave-in; ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Leave-In Conditioning Cream.
5. Finger detangle
Now it’s time to detangle the hair. I pulled out the remaining shed hair, detangled and re-plaited the afro into 10 jumbo plaits.


Mini braids – 2 months in

A 64 plait braid out – 112 days later

The braid out from behind


The hair I shed

The hair that remains post detangling

The post detangled plaits with leave-in 


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