Supporting Black Owned Hair and Beauty businesses

Beunique Hair Care doesn’t appear to be trading anymore.

I was looking for an image to use in my wash day blog – and I got a 404.

I haven’t delved too deeply to find out why but I can only imagine that profitability and turnover came into the equation somewhere.

I started buying it about 2012/2013.

And continued to pick up some of the moisturising cream whenever I was at a hair show.  I bought it online once I had access to the paypal option.

At £18-19 a pop for~360ml it wasn’t cheap but it was a quality product worth the expenditure.

I think the bespoke product is always going to struggle with scalability and unit cost against the bigger brands.  And now that the L’Oreal’s and the Garnier’s know that there is money to be made in the natural hair business they are on that band wagon and pushing the specialist Black owned business off the road.  Their £4 per 300ml of conditioner is going to win hands down against a product that costs 3-5 times as much especially when you need to count the coins.  Even I have to be pragmatic and use a cheap conditioner before using the luxury product on clean hair sometimes.

But I try to support black owned hair businesses where I can.  I’ve bought Beunique, Root2tip, Neno Naturals, Shea moisture (before the change), Crystal  face products.  I buy my Shea butter from Shea Butter Cottage.

The holding page on the website implies that the brand will be back. Who knows how and when? But I really hope it is.


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