The Vegan Calculator


I came across

It’s brilliant. You type in how long you have been vegan (years and months) and it calculates how much of the earth’s resources you have saved since that time by not eating animal products. The metrics are litres of water, kg of grain, sq. m of forest, Kg of Co2 and animal lives

I was a little bit surprised by my numbers (which you may or may not be able to see above). I was surprised that they were so high; my veganism over three years had saved 1,155 animal lives. That’s almost an animal a day.  So I otherwise would have eaten the equivalent of a chicken a day as typical omnivore. That’s a truly shocking fact.

The statistical source for the calculations is


3 responses to “The Vegan Calculator

  1. So cool! I’ve only been vegan for a month but I love the idea that I’ve already saved 30 animals and thousands of gallons of water. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Do you ever feature your writing with any other sites?

    • It’s such an amazing tool. I almost didn’t believe my numbers; I’ve been vegan three years. I haven’t written for other sites but I’d welcome the opportunity to.

  2. Wow 3 years! That’s awesome! 4 million litres of water saved! Cool, well if you’d be interested in featuring a vegan themed article with us at then feel free to get in touch with me here –

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