A raw vegan rants – 7

Dear O2 Arena,

Why is it you confiscate customer’s food and then only offer processed fat, sugar and sodium in return? I walked up 3 levels in the arena to get to my seat on Tuesday to watch the tennis (Djokovic v Raonic) and I did not see one stall that deviated from this formula.

Why do you solely encourage and promote the consumption of non-food?

Why don’t you offer any alternatives?

Oh I know why. You are relying on the addictive qualities of the fat, sugar and sodium combination to maximize your revenue.  Not only do you suppress competition to your ‘food’ stalls (by confiscating food) but  you maximize your potential revenue by only selling ‘foods’ of zero health benefits and high moreish quotient.

I don’t want to deny your right to over charge for food, you are a business after all, but please could you offer some over priced alternatives for customers who may simply wish to eat actual food during their night out at the arena.

And what do you actually do with the food that you confiscate?  Your website claims that you donate it to local food banks.  I don’t believe you.  There is no sorting that goes by those security gates.  It’s all half-eaten, sealed, perishable and non perishable items together in a container that looks suspiciously like a bin.

Come on O2 get your act together, be responsible.  Stop the association of good times with processed foods.



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