Afro Hair & Leave-in Conditioners

 My Leave-in Conditioner Collection




 In an ideal world I’d have a non silicone leave-in with the slip of an eel but in this imperfect world  these products are the next best thing to a get-out-of-a-4-hour-hair-detangling-session-on-wash-day card.

From left to right


This product is vegetarian, silicone free and has a lot of ingredients that you can actually pronounce.  It is very moisturizing but when it comes to the hair on the crown of my head (very tightly coiled) it’s not very effective at detangling.

Neno Naturals

This product is packed with ingredients you can’t pronounce but it’s good.  But there is a fine line between optimal application amount and too much which just leaves your hair sticky and clumpy the next day.

Kinky Curly Knot Today 

All natural ingredients, that’s a big plus but it really doesn’t get close to doing anything effective on the crown of my head

ORS Manoi Oil

This gives me a good braid-out under shea butter and it strengthens but it does not detangle.  When I use this I need to make sure that my conditioner has done all the work

Shea Moisture

This is mediocre; no worse than the worst performing and not better than the best.  In fact I can’t really remember how it works other than it lacks brilliance.  I would have remembered the joy of discovering it otherwise.

And this is what it cost me

Item Volume Cost
Shea Moisture: Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner 453g/16oz £9.99
 ORS: Manoi Oil Anti-Breakage Leave-in Conditioning Creme 473ml/16 fl.oz £2.47
Giovanni: Direct Leave-in Weightless Mositure Conditioner 1000ml/33.8 fl.oz £23.99
Kinky Curly Knot Today Natural Leave-in Detangler 236ml/8oz £11.84
Neno Naturals: Protect me Jealously Leave-in Conditioning Moisturizer 250ml/8.5 fl.oz £12.50

 This is what my hair is like:

Hmm - It's not meant to look like this!


Shrinkage - Post wash





The litmus test of any product is whether you’d re-purchase it. Honestly I’m still searching for the ideal product but I’d re-buy the Neno Naturals in the meanwhile despite the silicones and the unpronounceable ingredients.


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