Would I ever…go to a hairdresser’s

Been there, done that. I’m not planning to go back.

There are far too many people who do hair but are the furthest you could get from being hairdressers. Give them the money and they’ll do what you ask with no regard to your hair, or its health.

I’d need a personal recommendation, my own vetting process, an onsite interview and observation before any random stranger is going near my hair with a comb or a pair of scissors.

And then what are they going to do to my hair that I couldn’t do myself already?

Oh yeah, clean straight partings on my braids. But if they’re going to drag the comb through my hair I think I’d rather have my own jagged sections. And especially when the promise of a quick 4-hour braid session expands to fill a morning, an afternoon and an evening as they start and finish 5 heads of relaxer between my braids. And when I’ve constantly got to tell her to keep them braids loose and she just thinks I’ve got a sensitive head. ‘No it’s because you shouldn’t braid that tight!’

The average hairdresser just doesn’t fill me with confidence that she knows more or at least as much as me when it comes to managing and cutting my hair.

I remember a hairdresser who blow dried and flat ironed my hair poker straight before doing a major cut without asking me whether I usually wore my hair straight or curly. I didn’t know better then and that straight-across cut gave me stupid-deep layers when curly which took years to grow out.

Since I’m more about functional hair than the aesthetic hair-dos I’m not a great fit to hairdressers as I remember them.

I’d like to the think the landscape has changed since I last sat in the swivel chair wearing a cape because surely if nothing else, in the intervening years they have had way more ‘natural’ heads of hair to practice on. But I’m not willing to take the risk.


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