Would I ever…wear a weave

I can’t imagine the set of circumstances that would have to align to make wearing a weave a possibility, let alone a reality for me.

It is simply an unfathomable proposition.  I’ve never worn a weave, I’m in my thirties so I just don’t see why it would happen any time now, soon or ever.

I don’t know what purpose it would serve in my life. What purpose would it serve in my life?

  • It wouldn’t be a financially astute idea – I don’t have money to be paying a hairdresser
  • It wouldn’t be an aesthetic choice – I’ve just never seen a weave that I’ve wanted on my head more than my own hair.
  • It wouldn’t be a practical choice – I have weak edges – why would I take the gamble
  • It wouldn’t be a healthy choice – I don’t religiously moisturise and care for my hair now – I can only imagine the potential damage if I put on a weave and forgot about it.

Do I judge those that do wear a weave?  Probably.  Ok yes.  Especially when it’s a bad weave.  That starts half way back on the head, that’s shiny and synthetic, and that’s bum length.

I think why?  Why are you propagating this stereotype that black people like to wear bad weaves.  Don’t you have people to tell you it looks somehow?

But then I remind myself these people are probably doing the best they can with the resources they have.

But really,  if you only have x pounds would you not choose a shorter weave of better quality than a bum length synthetic mane…Ok maybe you wouldn’t.

I don’t have anything against weave per se.

But I do have something to say about

  • how pervasive it is in black culture
  • how a lot of people wear bad weaves
  • how a lot of people wear them 24/7, 365
  • how some people won’t be seen without a weave on their head
  • And why are they so often straight slick and sleek?

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