I’ve got no edges

IMG_1944 img_4104


I’ve been conscious about this situation for years now.  And none of my remedial actions seems to work.

  • I used to cut the hair right down in that area to encourage it all to grow back at the same time and therefore look thicker.
  • I used to do the massage thing
  • I used to moisturize my temples with a sheen of water every morning and night
  • I used to moisture daily-ish with hair cream

None of these actions made any significant difference (although I’m sticking with the daily sheen of water and gentle scalp movement).

But I’m grateful for one thing:

I can generally hide the lack of hair in this area simply because I have afro hair but if you get in there and part my hair it’s shining scalp you see.  So I know some of it ain’t coming back!

I realise it’s genetics because there is no way it’s traction alopecia:

I don’t wig or weave, I never slick my hair back into a pony tail, I don’t wear an elasticated bonnet,  my head scarf is tied way back in the middle of my hair and I don’t plait my hair tightly.

I just want it to stop now, because this is the amount of temple baldness I can deal with and maintain levity and my sanity.




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