Homemade Afro Hair Products – Hair Cream

The Ingredients




The Process

  • Mix 1 part Mango butter to 3 parts Shea butter (or more or less depending how you like it)
  • The mango butter is fairly hard so you’ll probably need to do this in a glass bowl above a boiling pan of water
  • Add Vit E as a preservative – I added 40 drops no idea what’s the optimal level 
  • Add essential oils to your taste – less is more here. too much and if this cream gets on your scalp they’ll be irritation until wash day 



Using the Product

Shea butter is my go to sealant.  I like a heavy product to get my hair to stretch.  Here I mixed it with Mango butter because it was in the cupboard and I’m trying to be dutiful and use up all the impulse/curiosity purchases before I get back out there spending my pounds.



img_4487 Two weeks post wash



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