Wash Day – Afro Hair – 29th October

The Products




The Process

  1. Pre poo – Coconut oil and Tresemme.  The 15 sections in my hair became 5, 3 strand plaits.  Each plait was saturated with a mix of Coconut oil and Tresemme Conditioner and replaited.
  2. Shampoo – Neno Natural (click here for product review).  I mixed this, 1:3 parts water and applied to each section and rinsed with warm water
  3. I had intended to do at least another conditioner stage but I didn’t have the energy so I just used a T-Shirt and dried my hair for about 20mins
  4. Leave-in – ORS Manoi Oil. I had some decent (braid-out) results with this product in the summer but I hate that it has silicones in it.  I unplait and re plait each section applying leave-in as I go.
  5. Homemade cream to seal – I seal the moisture in my hair a day later. If I do it the same night that I wash it and put on leave-in, it just sits on my hair leaving a white residue (I think I have low porosity hair).  I unplait each section apply and then PLAIT back up.
  6. Post wash care: I’ve been liberally dousing the plaits in water every few days or so.


The Payoff


img_4419 img_4429 img_4439

L-R: After washing and applying leave-in, 3 days later, the plait ends 3 days later

img_4487 img_4486 img_4496

L-R: 6 days after washing, 6 days after washing, 7 days after washing

The Commentary

It took absolutely ages to pre-poo my hair.  I only had 15 plaits to undo and  transform into 5 plaits.  But it actually took over 2 hours.  Usually I’m an hour max before getting to the water stage of washing my hair.  This is part of the reason I’ve not been washing my hair weekly at the moment; I just can’t afford the time.

I don’t usually use coconut oil and especially not in winter when it just re-solidifies in my hair making it very crispy.  If I’m particular unlucky I’ll also have blobs of hardened oil in their too.  But I figure in this context as a pre-poo where it does actually have very good detangling properties  I’ll go with it.

Tresemme is an old silicone-free favourite.

The plaits that I was taking out had been in for 3 weeks and it’s good to just do a  condition wash to get rid of the tangles in these cases.  I’d forgotten that rationale and shampooed my hair on Saturday after the pre -poo.  I think using shampoo and washing with plaits and not twists (which allows the shed hair the freedom to move from your scalp more easily) contributed to my hair feeling and looking very tangled.

But Ph-wise I actually like this combination;  the ends of my hair aren’t bushy, they’re silky smooth which is how I like them.


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