Wash Day – Afro Hair – 24th September

The Products




The Process

  1. Pre poo – Castor oil and Tresemme.  My hair, I think was in 15 twisted sections (a lot I know). Each section was saturated with a mix of Castor oil and Tresemme.
  2. Shampoo – Neno Natural (click here for product review).  I mixed this, 1:3 parts water and applied to each section and rinsed.

Yep I was tired after all that so rather than deep condition or condition I moved straight to the leave-in after drying my hair with a T-shirt for 20 minutes or so.  

  1. Leave-in – Giovanni’s Direct Leave-in weightless moisture conditioner. I don’t love this but it’s a rather large £20 bottle that needs using up. My hair is still in sections. I untwist and re twist each section applying leave-in as I go.
  2. Homemade cream to seal – I seal the moisture in my hair a day later. If I do it the same night that I wash it and put on leave-in.  It just sits on my hair leaving a white residue (I think I have low porosity hair).  I untwist each section apply and then PLAIT back up.
  3. Post wash care: I spray water every other day and use a single oil to seal, generally jojoba or castor oil.

The Payoff



Two days post wash

Two days post wash

Two days post wash

Two days post wash

img_4148  One week post wash img_4180 Two weeks post wash



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