Organic vs non-Organic Carrots

Raw Economics


 carrotsorganic  tesco-carrots

I’ve been buying organic carrots for years.

But on Friday, motivated by the need to come in under budget, I blithely deviated from a 10-year habit and picked up a 1kg bag of regular carrots from Tesco.  They cost 45p.

I figured I’d do a taste test and if I couldn’t taste the difference then what the hell was I doing paying for organic carrots and getting a quarter less for twice the price.

Mmm.  It’s not so much that I can’t taste the difference.  I can.  It’s more that the difference isn’t as distinct as it once was.  I remember when I first went organic on the carrots I just couldn’t eat the other kind anymore.  They were watery, low in flavour and not as crisp.  These non-organic carrots that I ate on Friday well, let’s just say I’m not sure that I would have passed a blind tasting.

So what’s going on?  Have they started to produce more nutritionally dense non-organic carrots?  Are organic carrots actually organic?  Are my taste buds just whack?



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