What I ate yesterday

What I ate yesterday

For the people who wonder what I eat all day as a raw vegan.  This one’s for you.  It was quite a low calorie day.  But I got away with it as I didn’t really exercise except for a 3.5 walk home from work.


26th October


1 peanut butter, banana, date smoothie (600ml)

Fruit Salad: 1 cantaloupe melon, 1 mango, 1 orange, a sprinkle of grapes

The frozen bottle is actually lunch it’s blended sweet potato, peppers, and onions


 Mid Morning Snack 

~100g carrots

beetroot and apple smoothie 

blended sweet potato



I start the day with 1.2 litres of water and then I have about 3-4 600ml cups of tea during the day




400g of pineapples                              and the blended sweet potato mix from the first photo



500g grapes




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