Gadgets a raw vegan can’t live without – 5

The Spiraliser 

Varying the texture of food is the name of the raw vegan game.
And the Spiraliser is a key player to have on your side if you want to be successful.

The cooked food brigade has their baking, frying, boiling, and sautéing.  A raw vegan has texture to play with.

Varying the texture of vegetables is how I’m able to add variety and interest to my meals.  A carrot is never just a carrot; eaten whole, sliced up, diced up or juiced up it all tastes differently.

The spiraliser adds a distinctive option to the mix.

 IMG_3072  courgette pasta green  IMG_3076

As you can see I’m very partial to a spiralised courgette – don’t worry I’m not tempted to talk about courgetti. Because let’s not be foolish here, the spiraliser does not transform the taste of the courgette to a wheat based product.  But it does offer an alternative taste to that experienced when biting into a whole courgette or a piece that you’ve only diced and covered in sauce.  I think, scientifically speaking of course, that it’s something to do with the relationship between the exposed surface area and the sauce.

Anyway, two reasons I’m partial to a spiralised courgette:

1) the taste is inoffensive, it’s non-descript so it won’t interfere with the sauce that you put on it

2) my spiraliser broke whilst working on a sweet potato, so a courgette is pretty much all it and I can manage now.  Since the plastic lever snapped off I have to suction it down and try to span my hand the distance over the handle and the skewer (and apply pressure) to keep the spirals coming out.

But I did have fun with this product.  In its heyday, it spiralised sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, with the best of them.

I bought a Useful model for about £20 in 2014.

I’m unsure why I went with this model for the sake of saving less than £10 on the Lurch model. (I was probably doing an extreme budgeting challenge).  I can’t help wondering whether the Lurch would have been more robust and less of a bitch to clean.




Other Gadgets a raw vegan can’t live without:
The Blender


The Water Bottle

The Sprouter


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