A raw vegan rants – 5


‘I thought you’d be thinner if you were a raw vegan’.

Someone straight up said this to me.

And after I took a moment to check my ears and comprehension I responded something like this.

‘I didn’t become a raw vegan to lose weight and there are a lot of calories in some of the foods that I eat’.  I was at the time very fond of cashew nuts and dates.  Yes I know!

She looked a bit non-plussed – as if to say ‘why would you eat vegetables and fruit if it wasn’t about losing weight’.

And therein lies my rant.  I’m not going to call her out for being rude.  Because I’m not sure that was her intention.  I think she was just being honest and saying what was on her mind.  But I am going to call her out for what I think is an underlying set of beliefs and assumptions that people have about raw vegans and expectations that people coming to this life style have.

People generally think you are going to be a lean, thin, yoga machine and they also think that’s your aspiration and motivation for being raw.  If you have a bit of fat or a belly or you’re bloated one day then there is that question mark in their eyes, ‘you’re a raw vegan, really, are you sure?’  And those people are generally the ones coming to the lifestyle thinking ‘oh yes I’m going to shred up in 30 days’.

I’m not saying you can’t get super lean on this lifestyle.  If you are eating raw raw, so not 500g of nuts in a sitting, and exercising (as the body is made to do) you will lean up.  It’s just simple maths.  But we all had different starting points and not every raw vegan is going to be doing that all the time. I’d hazard a guess and say that most people are motivated to continue raw veganism because of how it makes them feel and not primarily because of how it makes them look.




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