Gadgets a raw vegan can’t live without – 4

The Sprouter 

There is absolutely no downside to owning a sprouter.  The only difference between home grown and shop bought sprouts is the price.


I was gifted a sprouter for Christmas the first year that I went raw in 2013.  

At that time I was well into sprouting and always had at least three staggered batches on the go.  I was in the main using Kilner jars and other cylindrical containers turned on their sides with a piece of muslin fixed over the top to act as the strainer during the daily rinse.  It was fine, it worked but it was not terribly space efficient and daily drainage was challenging.

So when I unwrapped this specimen of efficient design I was thrilled, my prep life was going to get  easier .

Let me tell just how brilliant it is:

  • It has a small square footprint; so much easier to store, so much easier to use
  • It is three tiered so I can grow a little or a lot with the same footprint
  • It’s easy to keep the seeds ‘feed’ just pour water over the top and it drips through and pools in the green tray which holds a fair amount before you need to empty it.

The only downside, and it’s small, is that if I’m growing three trays worth the green tray isn’t quite ample enough to use for over night soaking of all the seeds.

I use the sprouting seed mix from Holland and Barratt.  It’s  £1.85 for 250g of mung beans, alfalfa, aduki beans, chick peas, and green lentils, all organic.





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