A raw vegan rants – 4


I don’t like eating in public because there’s always some person who feels the need to comment on my food.

‘Ooh aren’t you good’, they say.  Or ‘Wow, I wish I could eat that healthily’.

If I bring out my Tupperware at work, I’ll get a comment.  If I reach for the second 400g box of pineapple chunks, I’ll get a comment.  When I come back from a conference buffet with a plate piled high with salad, I’ll get a comment.

It’s incessant, it’s constant and I really dislike it.

The comments feel like a slur.  It’s as though they are asking me to question my decision to eat food that makes me feel good.  That I should instead be one of ‘them’ and think of eating fruit and veg as a chore that I should resent it in some way.

When did eating real food become something so ‘abnormal’ that people feel the need to comment on it?


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3 responses to “A raw vegan rants – 4

  1. I can relate to this post. The things is, don’t let their comments not make you not want to eat in public! Just own your amazing taste buds and if you get a comment like that just brush it off your shoulders and offer them some tips to actually try to eat healthy themselves. Being healthy is nothing you should be “ashamed” off. We’re the real winners 😉 awesome post!

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