How much did lunch cost?

Raw Economics


img_4070 img_4073 img_4078

 The truth is I’ve been letting my laziness get out of hand.  And so as my desire to cut and chop has fallen through the floor my food spending has sky rocketed as I’ve been buying raw food on the go.  And I’ve justified and rationalised this expense because the alternative is so much worse.  But my reality check came on Friday.  The bank is more than bare I’m spending more than I earn.  It’s time to pull on those constraints and get back on the food planning and prepping wagon.

I shopped and prepped on Saturday morning.

This is what it looks like post prep.


And this is what it cost me.

Item Weight Cost
Beetroot 0.78kg £1.50
Sweet Potato 1.25kg £1.25
Carrots 0.7kg £0.90
Bell Peppers 0.6kg £0.90
Cucumber ? £0.45
Spring Onions ? £0.45
Total ~3.6kg £5.45

And so far (alongside smoothies, fruit and nuts) it has lasted me two full days.


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