Pre Packaged or Fresh Pineapple?

Raw Economics


img_4014 img_4040 img_4050

I buy a lot of pineapple chunks.

I have bought 12 packets in a week at least once. But on average I probably buy 5 packets a week.

Whilst I don’t feel guilty about the expense I’m fully aware that a little bit of consistent prep could save me pounds on my weekly shopping bill.

Time was I used to have a conveyor belt of ripening pineapples in the kitchen alongside the bananas but then I just got lazy and decided that £1.50 for 400g was not too much of a price to pay for freshly cut pineapples without the hassle of peeling and washing up.  But I have always been curious about the price differential.  How much money am I throwing away by not prepping my own?

So I actually got the calculator and scales out and did the maths:

The pre-packaged pack is, at its cheapest, £1.50 for 400g (Sainsbury’s).

The pineapple from Lidl cost 67p and weighed 700g.

Oh my goodness! That’s an almost 4-fold difference in price.  I’m questioning whether I have done the maths correctly.

But I’ve pushed in the numbers twice and this is what it comes to:

100g pre-packaged: 37.5p
100g fresh : 9.5p


I think I better start shopping at Lidl again!


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