Gadgets a raw vegan can’t live without – 4

The NutriBullet

I can do most of what I would do with a blender but without the hassle of the washing up.  Just rinse and go.

I knew that my mother had accepted my ‘bird food’ diet when she bought me a NutriBullet for Christmas in 2013

I had been coveting one since the summer of that year when I spent a lot of time waking up in Reading hotels to infomercials for Insanity and the Nutribullet.

Smoothies, sauces, banana ice cream and nut milling it’s all possible with this very versatile machine.

It is easy to clean.  It only needs a quick rinse after you’ve blended and a deep clean at least once a week to get into all the nooks.  It also has a small footprint, and its ergonomically and aesthetically appealing.  All of which makes it more likely to be used than stored.

It blends at 600W (I believe they now do a 1000W model) so whilst powerful you do need to make sure the softest ingredients stay closest to the blade just to start the liquefying process and ease everything along.

Once the ingredients are blended you take the motor off and there’s is fun to be hand with the array of lids and handles to help you drink it more easily.  There is also the fun of blending endless combinations of fruits and vegetables.

It comes with two blades (one for milling), two small cups and I tall 32oz cups.  I bought a supplementary set for £20 which included a tall cup, another blade, and a handle and lid

There are now a lot of similar products on the market but I don’t think anyone of them has aced the product design in the same way.  In fact, when mine recently overheated and stopped blending) I knew much like when my fridge packed in I’d be on the internet the same day sorting out a replacement.  My only thought was whether to buy the 1000W model and not whether to look at other brands.  Thankfully it worked again after cooling down.





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