Book Review – Your Dry Hair Days Are Over


Your Dry Hair Days Are Over: The Ultimate Guide to #NoMoreDryHair by  Heather Katsonga-Woodward

This is a great starter manual for anyone new or newish to caring for Afro Hair.  It pretty much covers everything you need to know about good hair care management.

There’s hair science, there’s hair care techniques and there’s hair product information including an introduction to the Neno Natural line of hair products which is woven very tastefully throughout the book.  I’m still looking for a decent deep conditioner so I’m very curious to try ‘Soften me tangle free‘ as a deep conditioner and see if it suits my hair.

Even if you are a seasoned pro at your hair care.  It’s a useful compact resource to have.  It puts all the necessary information in one place; a reminder about all the little things to get right if you ever find yourself frustrated with your hair’s progress.

It’s a well-written quick read that gets to the point about each of the 20 topics it covers.





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