Gadgets a raw vegan can’t live without -3

The Water Bottle

If you’re a raw vegan and in a hurry, then you can’t beat a liquid meal of a veg or fruit smoothie.  So at some point you will need to carry liquid around and you can do much bettern that re-using an Evian bottle.


The Aladdin 0.6l Water Bottle £5.66-£7.99 (Amazon) is my preferred option.

It’s stylish, leak proof and BPA free.

It isn’t fiddly to clean.  There are only three ‘moving parts’; the lid, the spout and the bottle.  All of which have minimal detailing and easily accommodate the bottle brush thus avoiding any collection of food in hard to reach places.

The bottle is practical to use.  Its wide mouth means that I can pour the contents from a NutriBullet blend straight in there.  It has a useful hand loop for transportation although the circumference of the cylinder bottle is perfectly suited for a comfortable hand grip.

They are long and slim which makes them more easy to transport and carry around especially when you have more than one.

A couple of points to note:

  • I dropped one of mine (quite thunderously I admit) from about 5ft and it cracked and had to be replaced.
  • I sterilise them every so often
  • And I would actually use one for water, I’m not entirely sure it would be 100% leak proof in those circumstances as some people testify.
  • Now they are a crazy £11.99 – 13.99 on Amazon I have 5 and wouldn’t buy so many at that price









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