Gadgets a Raw Vegan Can’t Live Without – 2


Most places do not cater for a raw vegan or they don’t do it in the quantities necessary to stave off hunger. So at some point you will need to carry around food.

Technically it’s not a gadget but Tupperware is definitely something a raw vegan cannot live without.  I rarely leave the house without a stash of homemade goodies and of course they need to be transported in something.  And the results of all the daily prepping and chopping need to be stored somewhere also.

I have been through many brands, shapes, sizes and closures.

But about 2 years ago I settled on the Sainsbury’s clip and seal variety.

They come in a wide variety of volumes with a fair to middling range of shapes and they are BPA free.

For stack-ability and efficiency of storage I ignore the round containers but I’ve sampled most volumes of the rectangular kind.

They really are leak proof so long as your food isn’t liquid based and they are easy to clean, although you must remember to take out the rubber seal from time to time, to really get into all the crevices.

The price point:  A set of three are £9.50 and single tubs range from £2.75 upwards.





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