I love Dunlop Green Flash

I love Dunlop Green Flash but I’ve never actually had a green pair of Flash.

I got my first pair of Flash in Upper Transition when I was 8 years old.  They were size 7 and pastel pink.  They lasted me until the end of Lower Juniors, a year later, when my feet had grown to a large and wide size 8.

And then during the summer holidays between Lower and Middle Juniors I grew 10cm and my feet came to fit a size 9.

After this point and for the next 15 years or so, until shoe manufactures realised there was a market in making stylish and aesthetically pleasing ladies footwear above a size 8, I wore DMs or men’s brogues.  And then two things happened, the aforementioned size 8 and 8+ shoe manufacturing naissance and an inexplicable shrinking of my feet.

I was grateful for both events.

I still couldn’t freely browse the women’s shoe section; it was easier to walk into a shop and ask which shoes they stocked in a size 8 than to find a pair of shoes I liked and gamble with disappointment but it did make buying trainers easier.  I remembered the pure aesthetic joy that my pink Flash had bought me.  And so around this time I bought my second and third pair of flash.  They were navy blue and brown respectively.  And I liked them so much that when they wore out I simply returned to the shop and rebought them and continued in this fashion for some years.

And then of course those particular flash were discontinued so I switched over to the grey and blue model.

Eventually it became quite difficult to find Dunlop Green Flash on the High Street.  Sports Direct barely even sell them online now.

But earlier this year when my last pair were being rationed and could only be worn on dry but not hot days I made some effort to find a pair to replace them and I tracked down these beautiful Green Flash on eBay (pictured).

Technically I think they are low top Lambos (despite the label) but their form is sublime, and at a size 8.5 they hide their length well and their versatility is unsurpassed by any other shoe in my wardrobe.


dunlop green flashdunlop green flashdunlop green flash



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