Reusable Menstrual Products

The Yuuki Cup

I’ve long stopped being a regular viewer of Freelee the Banana Girl. I’m not interested in the celebrity lives she dissects with vegan prejudice but before I parted ways with her channel I was nudged towards reusable sanitary products (in one video she mentioned that she used a menstrual cup).

And I was nudged again when an old school friend set up an Etsy store selling re-usable pads.

And I had a final push after I ended up on precious star pads Youtube channel following Google’s random algorithms.

I made the switch in May and now I exclusively use reusable products. I use a Yuuki menstrual cup and I have a stash of 11 pads.

My reasons for switching to reusable products are three-fold:
• I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable about the production methods and materials used in the average disposable pad and tampon.
• I didn’t like the endless waste created by using disposable products.
• I wanted to see if a better user experience was possible. I disliked the drying effect of tampons and sanitary pads felt like wearing a cheap non breathable waterproof coat/rain mac all day long.

My Experience
I don’t have a washing machine so I mainly use a menstrual cup as I couldn’t manage the hand washing generated from exclusive pad use.

I like the cup for two reasons. If it’s in and it’s in right then I can leave it to collect my blood for the best part of a day (in practice I manage about 4-5 hours).

The Yuuki cup really agrees with me. I found it through an online cup finder. It wasn’t the first second or even third option generated from my questionnaire but I ultimately chose it because it filled all the criteria I needed and it had a more favourable price. The moon cup is about £20 but two Yuuki cups cost £22.50.

Yuuki offer a few variety packs so the odds are more in your favour that you will choose a cup that will fit without the inconvenience and cost of multiple purchases. I call bullshit on the notion used by most brands that you size yourself according to your age and childbearing status. I think it’s more important to know whether you have strong muscles in the vagina/pelvic area or not.

I purchased a twin set of small cups in the soft and classic.

I prefer the classic cup, it’s firmer and in comparison to the soft cup it automatically creates a seal and vacuum. The capacity is fairly low 15ml. And I can only really get 4 hours use (at the beginning of my cycle) before I’m consciously wondering how much longer it will be before it overspills, so I will be sizing up to the large.





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