Book Review – Your Dry Hair Days Are Over


Your Dry Hair Days Are Over: The Ultimate Guide to #NoMoreDryHair by  Heather Katsonga-Woodward

This is a great starter manual for anyone new or newish to caring for Afro Hair.  It pretty much covers everything you need to know about good hair care management.

There’s hair science, there’s hair care techniques and there’s hair product information including an introduction to the Neno Natural line of hair products which is woven very tastefully throughout the book.  I’m still looking for a decent deep conditioner so I’m very curious to try ‘Soften me tangle free‘ as a deep conditioner and see if it suits my hair.

Even if you are a seasoned pro at your hair care.  It’s a useful compact resource to have.  It puts all the necessary information in one place; a reminder about all the little things to get right if you ever find yourself frustrated with your hair’s progress.

It’s a well-written quick read that gets to the point about each of the 20 topics it covers.





Surprisingly Successful Food Combinations

The Spinach Smoothie

5-6 dates

2/3 frozen bananas

10-20g spinach

& blend


 I don’t know why it works but it does.  

Sweet and savoury.  

Smooth and Cold.

It’s a breakfast favourite.




Gadgets a raw vegan can’t live without -3

The Water Bottle

If you’re a raw vegan and in a hurry, then you can’t beat a liquid meal of a veg or fruit smoothie.  So at some point you will need to carry liquid around and you can do much bettern that re-using an Evian bottle.


The Aladdin 0.6l Water Bottle £5.66-£7.99 (Amazon) is my preferred option.

It’s stylish, leak proof and BPA free.

It isn’t fiddly to clean.  There are only three ‘moving parts’; the lid, the spout and the bottle.  All of which have minimal detailing and easily accommodate the bottle brush thus avoiding any collection of food in hard to reach places.

The bottle is practical to use.  Its wide mouth means that I can pour the contents from a NutriBullet blend straight in there.  It has a useful hand loop for transportation although the circumference of the cylinder bottle is perfectly suited for a comfortable hand grip.

They are long and slim which makes them more easy to transport and carry around especially when you have more than one.

A couple of points to note:

  • I dropped one of mine (quite thunderously I admit) from about 5ft and it cracked and had to be replaced.
  • I sterilise them every so often
  • And I would actually use one for water, I’m not entirely sure it would be 100% leak proof in those circumstances as some people testify.
  • Now they are a crazy £11.99 – 13.99 on Amazon I have 5 and wouldn’t buy so many at that price








Gadgets a Raw Vegan Can’t Live Without – 2


Most places do not cater for a raw vegan or they don’t do it in the quantities necessary to stave off hunger. So at some point you will need to carry around food.

Technically it’s not a gadget but Tupperware is definitely something a raw vegan cannot live without.  I rarely leave the house without a stash of homemade goodies and of course they need to be transported in something.  And the results of all the daily prepping and chopping need to be stored somewhere also.

I have been through many brands, shapes, sizes and closures.

But about 2 years ago I settled on the Sainsbury’s clip and seal variety.

They come in a wide variety of volumes with a fair to middling range of shapes and they are BPA free.

For stack-ability and efficiency of storage I ignore the round containers but I’ve sampled most volumes of the rectangular kind.

They really are leak proof so long as your food isn’t liquid based and they are easy to clean, although you must remember to take out the rubber seal from time to time, to really get into all the crevices.

The price point:  A set of three are £9.50 and single tubs range from £2.75 upwards.




I love Dunlop Green Flash

I love Dunlop Green Flash but I’ve never actually had a green pair of Flash.

I got my first pair of Flash in Upper Transition when I was 8 years old.  They were size 7 and pastel pink.  They lasted me until the end of Lower Juniors, a year later, when my feet had grown to a large and wide size 8.

And then during the summer holidays between Lower and Middle Juniors I grew 10cm and my feet came to fit a size 9.

After this point and for the next 15 years or so, until shoe manufactures realised there was a market in making stylish and aesthetically pleasing ladies footwear above a size 8, I wore DMs or men’s brogues.  And then two things happened, the aforementioned size 8 and 8+ shoe manufacturing naissance and an inexplicable shrinking of my feet.

I was grateful for both events.

I still couldn’t freely browse the women’s shoe section; it was easier to walk into a shop and ask which shoes they stocked in a size 8 than to find a pair of shoes I liked and gamble with disappointment but it did make buying trainers easier.  I remembered the pure aesthetic joy that my pink Flash had bought me.  And so around this time I bought my second and third pair of flash.  They were navy blue and brown respectively.  And I liked them so much that when they wore out I simply returned to the shop and rebought them and continued in this fashion for some years.

And then of course those particular flash were discontinued so I switched over to the grey and blue model.

Eventually it became quite difficult to find Dunlop Green Flash on the High Street.  Sports Direct barely even sell them online now.

But earlier this year when my last pair were being rationed and could only be worn on dry but not hot days I made some effort to find a pair to replace them and I tracked down these beautiful Green Flash on eBay (pictured).

Technically I think they are low top Lambos (despite the label) but their form is sublime, and at a size 8.5 they hide their length well and their versatility is unsurpassed by any other shoe in my wardrobe.


dunlop green flashdunlop green flashdunlop green flash


Reusable Menstrual Products

The Yuuki Cup

I’ve long stopped being a regular viewer of Freelee the Banana Girl. I’m not interested in the celebrity lives she dissects with vegan prejudice but before I parted ways with her channel I was nudged towards reusable sanitary products (in one video she mentioned that she used a menstrual cup).

And I was nudged again when an old school friend set up an Etsy store selling re-usable pads.

And I had a final push after I ended up on precious star pads Youtube channel following Google’s random algorithms.

I made the switch in May and now I exclusively use reusable products. I use a Yuuki menstrual cup and I have a stash of 11 pads.

My reasons for switching to reusable products are three-fold:
• I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable about the production methods and materials used in the average disposable pad and tampon.
• I didn’t like the endless waste created by using disposable products.
• I wanted to see if a better user experience was possible. I disliked the drying effect of tampons and sanitary pads felt like wearing a cheap non breathable waterproof coat/rain mac all day long.

My Experience
I don’t have a washing machine so I mainly use a menstrual cup as I couldn’t manage the hand washing generated from exclusive pad use.

I like the cup for two reasons. If it’s in and it’s in right then I can leave it to collect my blood for the best part of a day (in practice I manage about 4-5 hours).

The Yuuki cup really agrees with me. I found it through an online cup finder. It wasn’t the first second or even third option generated from my questionnaire but I ultimately chose it because it filled all the criteria I needed and it had a more favourable price. The moon cup is about £20 but two Yuuki cups cost £22.50.

Yuuki offer a few variety packs so the odds are more in your favour that you will choose a cup that will fit without the inconvenience and cost of multiple purchases. I call bullshit on the notion used by most brands that you size yourself according to your age and childbearing status. I think it’s more important to know whether you have strong muscles in the vagina/pelvic area or not.

I purchased a twin set of small cups in the soft and classic.

I prefer the classic cup, it’s firmer and in comparison to the soft cup it automatically creates a seal and vacuum. The capacity is fairly low 15ml. And I can only really get 4 hours use (at the beginning of my cycle) before I’m consciously wondering how much longer it will be before it overspills, so I will be sizing up to the large.