Gadgets a raw vegan can’t live without

The Food Processor

Even if you have mad knife skills you will need a food processor. And a 500watt model is enough, don’t be seduced by the allure of the Vitamix or Blendtec brigade.

I had my Kenwood 500watt model well into my 2nd year of being raw and I’d had it for 3 years before that. It was only a mishap with a fibrous aubergine that did it in and expedited the purchase of a new machine.

My specification wish list wasn’t too long or too specific. I just needed the most powerful, easily washable, well reviewed product and I needed it cheap.

I chose the Hotpoint Multi-Functional Food Processor, 1000Watt, Silver. It cost £55.

It came with a slew of attachments; 2 shredders, 2 slicers, a kneader, a chopper and a 1.5l blender.But I settled on a favourite very early on. The chopper is my go-to attachment.

It’s a powerful and efficient machine I rarely need to dial the maximum speed. It’s more washable than my old Kenwood model and it’s up there with the NutriBullet for a ‘rinse and go’ award. You can’t juice but you can nut butter (a bit grainy but…) and there’s a useful trapdoor at the back of the base to store the graters and slicers.

From big and chunky it can chop veg down so finely that it is almost liquid and it manages all the gradations in between. The taste explosion in a salad is intense; there are layers of flavours which are so well integrated because of the increased surface area. Medium to finely chopped beetroot, carrots, spring onions, and bell peppers has become a staple meal.

The chopper also handles frozen bananas straight out of the freezer. And it gets them churning quickly. This is a major coup, banana ice-cream is my favourite meal. With my old food processor I had to wait at least 15 minutes for the bananas to soften up before I could blend them. I just thought that was life. I’m so glad to find out that it isn’t.





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