I don’t comb my hair

I don’t comb my hair.

And I don’t brush it either.

I find that I have no reason to.

I have Afro hair and if I were to comb it or brush it regularly most of it would end up on the floor or in the styling tool.  And I’d also be wearing a big mass of undefined hair  that would shrink up and tangle just as soon as I stop combing or brushing it.

I find some people have a problem with this when it comes up in conversation.  Their reaction is always the same; incomprehension and shock.  And then incredulity.

But it’s true.  I don’t comb or brush my hair.  And here’s the thing, most of the disbelieving people don’t have kinky, coily hair (and if they do it’s usually cornrowed under a weave).  Essentially they don’t have the day to day experience of managing Afro hair but still they offer their expert opinion that combing or brushing my hair is necessary.

I think that combing and brushing would be great methods for detangling and styling if my hair were straighter, wavier, or curlier but it isn’t, it’s kinky and coily.  So I prefer to use my fingers.  And since I’m not going for tight or sleek in any of my styles, it works out just fine.


My stretched Afro – no combs no brushes – Feb 2015

The key to effectively managing my hair with fingers is to prevent tangles in the first place.

  • Therefore I don’t style my hair everyday.  It gets re-plaited on wash day and that’s usually it.
  • (And) I definitely don’t wear my hair out in an Afro unless it’s a wash day and it’ll be drenched with conditioner that evening.  Otherwise an Afro is a sure path to the types of tangles that I would have to cut out.
  • I avoid handling my wet hair without conditioner and I avoid leaving my hair out when wet.  So I wash my hair in plaited sections and in those plaited sections my hair remains until it’s bone dry.
  • I either style my jumbo plaits or I undo them (when dry) and work with the stretched sections of hair the plaits have provided.

Stretching my hair, keeping it stretched and patience are the key to less tangles.


re-plaited post wash

Styled granny plaits

Styled granny plaits


post-wash damp hair






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