I’m out of control

My belly, my budget and my bowels were not in good shape after my post run feed last Sunday.

I’d spent about 2/5 of my budget on 3 items.  My belly was bloated and my faeces stunk.

However, by Tuesday the offending items were all consumed and finally working their way out through my bowels and I hadn’t spent another penny.  It was all looking fairly salvageable. [I’d spent £35.44 from a £50 budget].

Except of course I wasn’t feeling that good; a combination of fatigue and the salt from the raw bread I think.  Or just the processed rich nature of the food.

So I was feeling shit and I decided to use that old short-term-feel-good strategy.  Let me eat stuff.

So I did.


This is the shopping basket from Wednesday 19th.  Olives and sun-dried tomatoes featured prominently and there’s a token bit of fruit.

That wasn’t quite the fatal blow to the budget.  I still had about £5 to play with but it was at that point that I said ‘Fuck it’, consuming salt had become more important.


One of the shopping baskets from the day after


So it’s been 7 days of high salt, semi-raw stuff along side raw food.  It’s all been vegan.  But it hasn’t been cheap.  I came in at £65 last week.  And this week I’ve already spent £63.


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