I jumped off the wagon

Sometimes I make bad food decisions.

Sometimes there is a long, slow, prelude building up to the event. And sometimes I declare that ‘I’m gonna eat some shit’ and I grab a wallet and hit the shops.

Sunday was the former.

In retrospect it was never a good idea to go for a 17 mile run without any calorie dense food to welcome me on my return.  But that is exactly what I did.

I returned shortly before 12, I ate a pineapple and then I ate every residual bit of fruit that I had and then I decided that I still needed more calories BUT I didn’t have the energy to prep the veg in my fridge or the energy to eat it.

For the record my thinking wasn’t entirely irrational at this stage.  Whilst it would have been a relative quick prep on the salad, it would have been another 60 mins before the last of those salad calories went down my throat and after such an epic run I just can’t wait that long to eat properly.  If you don’t get the calories in quick you spend all day recovering and feeling just slightly off centre.

So in my calorie-depleted state I headed for Planet Organic and Holland and Barrett;  I was going to try and keep it clean.

But I was thinking ice-cream, bread, and peanut butter.

If I lived nearer to Nama or Inspiral cafe maybe I would have popped in but…I’d already tightly weaved a web of justifications and rationalisations so I gave myself ‘permission’ to purchase some processed ‘raw’ food.

20141121_072112 (1)IMG_2084

It cost £16.17.   I said goodbye to my attempt on the £3.33-a-day-food spend.  But again I rationalised, it wasn’t so bad, theoretically I could still come in on budget. I’d only spent £14.43 in Lidl the day before.  So I had almost  £20 for the rest of the week;  I could just eat bananas!



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