Simple Pleasures

I’ve lost my stand off against the heating.  It’s going on.  I’m not particularly cold, (nothing a Uniqlo full length down coat won’t fix) but I’m convinced the cold is sabotaging my fruit ripening process.  I haven’t had a good stock and flow of ripe bananas since last week and I’ve been restricted more or less to mono fruit salads for some days now because I can’t sync up my fruit.

But today was awesome I had a late-morning 4-fruit fruit salad and only morning greed prevented it from being 5 (I ate a huge mango upon rising).

This was my fruit salad


The pineapple was one of the mutant 59p ones I picked up in Lidl on Tuesday.  Oh how I smiled as I strained my shoulder carrying 5 of them back home.  The melon had been ripening since Saturday.  Exactly! Granny Smiths are always ready to go.  And there on top is a lone ripe banana.

This is 2.4l worth of salad which I spread out over two sittings.

Before whipping out to a meeting near Victoria I chopped up a salad.

It’s another courgette noodle based salad (I’m not tired of the spiraliser yet) bulked out with cauliflower.


The other ingredients are: 4 spring onions, 4 small carrots, 1 bell pepper, 1 Granny Smith apple, 15 cherry tomatoes, 90g mixed leaves, and a tomato/chilli/date based sauce

I’m home again for 7pm and long since ready to eat again.  Although I’m still a little bloated from lunch (perhaps it was the fruit in the salad mix I might need to start taking this food combining seriously) I smash in the remainder of the fruit salad and make banana ice cream.

I need to go and lie on my belly.

Opening Balance £10.65
Closing Balance £5.84 (I bought 3kg of bananas to ripen and 800g of frozen berries)




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