Sucking it up


I decided to run to work today and what a whole world of preparation that entailed.  The process actually began yesterday when I took my wash stuff, change of clothes and shoes into work.

I also took in twice as much salad as usual and I carefully transported 7 ripening bananas.  And yesterday evening I made a calorie dense date bake  which I would squeeze into my camel back and run with in the morning.

The run this morning was awesome.  I was fueled on water, a pineapple and half a melon.  I was flying along in my blue Newtons and whilst it took every one of the allocated 45 minutes it whizzed by in a moment.

Once the endorphins from exercise and the adrenaline rush from the 7-minute shower to desk challenge had subsided I began to feel the hunger.

It’s not a long run to the office, (it took about 45 mins) but I hoped I’d packed enough food to avoiding post-exercise calorie deficiency, which is especially important now I’m doing this spending  challenge and I can’t just pop into Sainsburys or Planet Organic to carb up without seriously denting the budget.

I began with the sugar option and ate the date bake and 2 of the 7 bananas.

Only a couple of  hours later I was ready for more.

I took out the salad and started to munch.  It was very bland, even after a day of marinading in the fridge!  It was going to be a chore to keep shoveling it in and chewing and swallowing.  But I would do it.  I didn’t have many calorie options and I would not be spending my money whilst there was perfectly edible if not necessarily palatable food available.


I also ate

another pineapple and half a melon
40g of pistachios and 5 walnuts
8 more bananas
3 dates





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