Another day

I’m still trying to eat raw within a £50 weekly budget.  I spent £24.20 yesterday on food that hopefully will last most of the week.

This is what I ate today


Spicy Courgette Noodles


Date Bake



1 whole pineapple


Granny Smiths

This is what it cost

Spicy courgette noodles:
4 courgettes £1.48, 2 ears of corn £0.99, 1/2 bunch spring onions£0.22. Sauce: 330g cherry tomatoes £0.44, 1 chilli £0.20, 1/3 green bell pepper £0.33, 3 dates and 3 sun-dried tomatoes

Date Bake:
60g Walnuts £0.60, 100g Dried dates £0.35, 200g assorted frozen berries £0.70

Bananas £0.40, Pineapple £0.59, Apples £0.40

Total £6.70



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