Veg veg glorious veg

I did it.  I ate raw this week for less than £50.  Just.

With a budget of £2.39 for the last day, I took no chances.  I holed up in the flat on Friday eating semi-ripe bananas dreaming of tomorrow and a replenished budget.

When the bananas got painful I took out the spiraliser and the nutribullet and tried to make my unappealing vegetables more palatable.

I was a little impressed with the concoction I magiced up.


  • a bed of kohrabi and sweet potato noodles
    covered with spinach leaves, red bell pepper and spring onions
    topped with sauce and mushrooms

sauce:250g cherry tomatoes, 90g rocket, 3 dried dates, 1 dried apricot
mushroom marinade: balsamic, mustard, cumin, cherry and sun-dried tomatoes


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