For the love of grapes

2 days to go.  £10.39 in the kitty.  Ice cream cravings gone.  It’s all looking very possible.

And in support of my challenge I’d walked the extra mile to shop in Sainburys because the bananas are 3p per kilo cheaper there.  But the cost of saving those 3p per kilo was high.  I came across some firm seedless white grapes at £3.95 per kilo.

The temptation was huge I hadn’t had a good grape since mid-October.  I tasted a few.  They were sweet.  I wanted them.  The rationalisations came thick and fast:  This challenge isn’t about depriving myself.   If I bought some grapes I could still come in under budget.  It would be harder but possible.  It wouldn’t be like an ice cream purchase which would mean sudden death.

So I bought 0.41 kilos knowing that per penny, calories and fullness index it was not a wise choice I  would have been better off with some more apples of which they were selling 6 for a pound.

I left Sainsburys with grapes, bananas and apples and £5.86 left on budget.

Treacherous territory I still need to buy some pineapples because it would seem that like bananas I cannot survive a day without them.

what I ate yesterday:

cauliflower, kohlrabi, sweet potato salad

and I picked up and ate 3 pineapples late that evening


Opening balance £10.39
Closing balance £2.32


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