When the cravings get you

I had been listless all day, pottering around the flat rather than completing any task of substance.

I snacked through various items:

3 Pineapples
500ml banana ice cream
lots of dried apricots
30g brazil nuts

1.2lt water

I didn’t touch the substantial kohlrabi/cauliflower/sweet potato salad in the fridge.

And then it was time to leave for my meeting at 7.30pm in Holborn.  I left with a 300ml smoothie (sweet potato, clementine, apple) in my bag and a grumble in my stomach.

I was at the bus stop and I contemplated going back on myself to buy a nakd bar or two from the Budgens but I determined that I didn’t have the time.  ‘There’s a big Sainsbury’s in Holborn I can get one there,’ I thought to myself.

Now here’s the problem with unfamiliar stores and hunger: you don’t know where anything is and you are more susceptible to all sorts of marketing ploys.  I checked the counter queue – that’s where Tesco have theirs.  Not there and then I weighed up the pros and cons of walking around an unfamiliar store to look for them.

I turned to leave but I was getting distracted by the smell of garlic chicken wafting over from the deli counter.

I walked over.  I stood squarely before the counter and I inhaled deeply.  I inhaled again and I inhaled again.  It was enough to evoke a chain of memories.  I was smiling, I remembered all the chicken dinners, all the bags I’d grabbed on go over the years.  I perused the bags of cooked chicken.  I was examining them with a critical eye, narrowing down my selection.  I picked one up, 1/2 a chicken for £3 and then I sensed someone watching me.  The woman behind the deli counter was staring at me.  The spell was broken.  My reverie shifted. The craving subsided.

I turned around and quickly walked out.


Things I ate later that day

250ml freshly squeezed orange juice
300ml sweet potato, Clementine, apple smoothie
X2 cashew nakd bars
65g cashews
X3 bananas


Opening balance £20.84
Closing balance £10.39




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