The Golden Rule

What I ate 03/11/2014

I have a crisis; I don’t have any ripe bananas.

This doesn’t usually happen to me I buy a kilo of bananas every day to add to my ripening conveyor belt and in return I can harvest a ripe bunch or two that joined the line a few days before.  But yesterday I took a gamble I froze the harvest of 10 ripe bananas and hoped the nearly-there bunch would be ‘there’ by morning.

Of course the gamble didn’t pay off they were yellow still with only a few more decorative freckles; full-on-starchy-hurt-your-stomach bananas.

  • 2 semi-ripe bananas

Lesson learnt.  Again.

There are two things that you should never be without as a raw vegan ripe bananas and frozen ripe bananas.  But I have frozen bananas.

  • 600ml banana berry ice cream

Recipe: 6/7 bananas, a few Brazil nuts, honey, vanilla essence, a few raspberries and blueberriesIMG_3026

I like banana ice cream a lot.  Firstly like most raw recipes it’s easy to make. You simply gather the ingredients and blend, quantities as always are according to your own taste and preference.  Secondly it’s an easy way to get in a lot of calories.  Thirdly it doesn’t ever hurt your stomach the way Haagan Dazs does after 500ml.

I scrape together a salad for lunch

  • 2lt – lettuce cauliflower, marinated mushroom


and some dried fruit an hour or two later

  • cup of dried apricots (unsulphurised) and Brazil nuts

and then I concede that I will have to go shopping without any bananas I will not be able to eke out the day without dipping into the budget.


Food Haul

My evening food

  • 1lt pure squeezed clementine juice
  • x2 pineapples
  • Kohlrabi with a tomato mint sauce


Opening balance £35.20
Closing balance £20.84



One response to “The Golden Rule

  1. No bananas is always a crisis in my house, too! I’ve eaten too many green bananas because of it…

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