What I ate yesterday

I’m feeling optimistic about this challenge.  I have a lot of food in my fridge, freezer and cupboards and a £50 budget to eat raw for the week.

This is how it goes:

I broke fast with two gala apples and 1.2lt of water.
And then I had my second breakfast after some exercise (Jillian Michelle’s 30 day shred and a 3.1 mile threshold run).


Yes. This was ALL for me.

  • 1 anemic pineapple – surprisingly juicy/1 honey dew melon/2 bananas

Followed by 5 medium sized carrots.  All washed down with 600ml of water


4 hours later en route to a kid’s party in East Croydon I grabbed some food to go:


  • 3 bananas and 3 dates.

I wished I’d grabbed more. It would be hours before I could eat again.


But on the way back to the station I found some emergency-compromise food

nakd bar naked juice

And my first spend against budget:£3.45

And again I wished I’d grabbed more. The vagaries of the tube network force me onto a bus at Victoria and a snail-paced journey through highly trafficked central London.  It’s 1.5 hours later when I eventually get home and I can eat again.

Another pineapple.

I’m under-carbed.  I trek to Tesco.

A £11.35 spend and one salad later.  I’m ready for my late night feast followed by bed.

salad and tomato source



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