Like any other world-class procrastinator there are many things that I mean to start, stop or continue doing.  One of those things is writing.  I keep meaning to write more in general and in particular I keep meaning to write more on this blog.

So I’ve taken timely inspiration from National Novel Writing Month and I’ve decided to challenge myself to write a blog post everyday in November.

Clearly this is a very ambitious challenge; I barely manage to blog once a month and now I want to increase my output 30 fold.  So to shorten and soften the rod that I’ve made for my back the content will be intuitive and self generating.  I’ve decided to address some of the oft repeated questions that every raw vegan gets asked: Where do you get your protein? Isn’t it more expensive to eat raw? What about vitamins and minerals? What do you eat all day? And it goes on.

I’m going to do this by setting a budget and documenting what I buy and eat for a month. 


The rules of engagement

  • The weekly budget is £50.

Too much? Too little? I don’t know.  I’ve had the luxury of being able to buy what I want when I’ve wanted.  So to keep it honest, if at the end of any given week more than 10% of the starting budget is left.  The budget for the following week will be 90% of the previous week’s starting point.  Otherwise the budget stays at £50.

  • If I find money I can use it on the food budget.
  • If I get invited out to dinner I can accept (but not expect) the generosity of the friend
  • Throughout the month I can use any of the products that happened to be in my fridge, freezer, or cupboards on 1st November.
  • The use of coupons and vouchers is allowed
  • I will post the blogs in arrears – so effectively I’ll be writing about ‘What I ate yesterday’
  • I can blog about other things but I still need to keep up the food journal and I need to blog everyday



Let battle commence…


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