Back on the Silicones

Back on the silicones

I have been silicone free since the Christmas before last when I was in LA and I picked up a 907ml bottle of Tresemme’s naturals nourishing moisture conditioner.

Since then I have been using it for condition washes (co-washing), pre-shampooing (pre-poos), and post protein treatments.  Basically, nigh on everything; I’ve even mixed it up as a leave-in.

The range (it includes vibrantly smooth) has been a stable companion amongst the faddy and feckless products I have purchased.  And I only picked it up in Ralph’s on a whim because it was cheap (I had forgotten to fly with my Kera Care).

But I’ve recently got to a point where my hair was just tangly, especially the roots and I felt my only options were to comb or use a silicone conditioner.  I didn’t want to comb.  I’m militant with the finger detangling.  So I reached for a silicone conditioner.

I co-washed using Tresemme’s Keratin Smooth followed by Avon’s Naturals Conditioning Balm and I sealed with a homemade oil mix.

I wore 8 plaits and or a head scarf for the rest of the week and I sprayed with aloe vera juice when I felt the moisture levels dropping.

The take down came on Saturday (10 days post wash) and it was disappointing.

My hair was dry and stiff and under-stretched.

This is the updo I managed.


I was looking forward to giving the hair a wash.  I was eager to get the coat of silicone out of my hair and forget my fall into temptation.  Whilst I had welcomed the slip and detangling ease the products had offered now I was convinced the silicones had formed an impenetrable defence line to keep the moisture out.  I had to mobilize my attack and get my afro moving.

And I needed to remember why I had chosen the silicone free life and the life of a co-washer.  My hair is dry at the best of times and any silicone build up would necessitate a sulfate shampoo to shift, which is inherently drying.  I didn’t want to buy into a vicious circle.  Also I’m lazy and I like the one rinse business (sometimes I simply rinse off my pre-poo and declare my hair ‘washed’).

So to wash the dimethicone right out of my hair these were my wash steps

1) Section hair in 6 plaits

2) Apply Giovanni’s Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating shampoo, lather and rinse

I’m usually a co-washer only but I needed to use a detergent to shift the dimethicone.  I chose this shampoo because it purports to be sulfate free (although it lathers way too much for me to be convinced of this) and it cleanses without stripping too much from my hair

Apply Tresemme’s naturals with Extra Virgin Olive oil (approx 10:1), leave for 5 minutes and rinse out.  This is my silicone conditioner substitute.  It’s obvious now but it took Crystal Afro to point it out.  This has great slip and not a silicone in sight!


) T-shirt dry for an hour

5) Air dry for an hour

6) Re-plait each section apply oil mix to seal

I’m still perfecting the mix ratio of my faux silicone conditioner but it’s a keeper.  And I’m now using it for co-washing, and pre-pooing and I’m sneakily leaving some in my hair after the final rinse to aid manageability.



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