A Raw Vegan Rants


I’m at a public health conference and this woman passively aggressively stares me down as I make my way back from the buffet with a plate full of fruit and veg.

I call her on it.  And she shamelessly makes some comments about how much food I’ve taken from the buffet and how greedy I am.

‘Really! You just called me greedy.  As though you have the right to comment on my food intake.  Go away woman.’

20140519_125758 20140519_125745

This is the plate of food that compelled the woman to judge me; quite unremarkable in quantity, and by raw vegan requirements a very modest meal.

I usually ignore the bug eyed stares when I eat in public.  And in turn most people do their British thing and keep their thoughts to themselves.  I was incensed and confused by the open hostility I encountered from this woman.  I’m a raw vegan.  I get all my calories from fruit and veg.  I eat a lot of them.  Get over it.


Rant 2


I’m at the Park Plaza in Victoria; another conference, another registration made with specific dietary requirements and another disappointment.

I had been hopeful.  The women that took my booking remarked via email ‘A raw vegan how nice my son and I are trying to incorporate more vegan and raw into our diet’.  ‘Enjoy, it’s a great lifestyle’ I had replied.

This is what I was served.

20140609_131709 20140609_131656 20140609_131646

I have no idea what it is.  The heat has mutilated the vegetables beyond all recognition.

I just don’t understand how this happened.

‘I have a special order to pick up I’m a raw vegan’ – I said to the head usher type person and he led me towards another woman to whom I explained the same thing.

‘Ok so greens and vegetables – this will be alright for you’.  She offered.

‘Yes’.  I confirmed.

I now realise this is where I made the big mistake.

I should have responded:

‘Yes.  Greens and vegetables.  All fresh and uncooked.’

Lesson learnt.  But.  I just don’t understand how you can work in catering and not understand the concept of a raw vegan.

Of course I did the very British thing of not informing the staff that there was a problem with my food.  I merely plated up at the fruit cart and ignored the stares.



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