Eating raw in Anglesey

When I’m at home with my Nutribullet, my Kenwood food processor, my Tupperware drawer and my sprouting trays life is relatively easy.  But now I’ve stepped away from the familiarity of my kitchen and my choreographed routines I think it’s going to be a whole new world of difficulty.

I’m in Anglesey for 4 days and 3 nights and I’m sharing a house with omnivores.

I’m away from all my mod cons, my frozen nuts and berries, my dried fruit selection, my nut milk, my 4-stage-banana-ripening conveyor belt and there aren’t any shops near the cottage.

This is going to be a challenge.

Whilst I’m somewhat used to planning my food intake it’s typically just for the next 10 hours of my working day (and then I get to come home to cupboards full of raw).  I have trouble following recipes, half marathon training plans, I don’t usually even write a shopping list but here I am on holiday committed to a 4-day meal plan.

But I concede to this abnormal rigour because without it I might be tempted to eat the heathen food.  So over the last week I had (with great difficulty) been deciding what I was going to feel like eating and how much of it I was going to feel like eating during this 4 day period so that on arrival in Anglesey I could head to the nearest supermarket and get myself fully armed before heading into the isolated locale of this cottage.

Asda was the nearest supermarket and this is what I bought:

The ASDA receipt

Illegible? Basically a lot of fruit and veg and 100g of nuts

I also put some home-made essentials into my hand luggage on packing day:

  • 1lt of spinach and kale smoothie
  • I planned to add this to a shop bought smoothie to healthy it up, eek it out and meal it up.
  • 450ml date bake (dates, prunes, bananas, Brazil nuts, pecans, frozen berries all blended to taste)
  • 2lt of cauliflower rice, rocket and carrot shavings
  • 900ml melon and kiwi fruit salad
  • 450ml of houmous (chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, rocket and water all blended to taste)
  • 1 large avocado

And some shop bought comforts:

  • 4 apple pie nakd bars
  • 1 bag of date cubes
  • 1 pack of pineapple flavoured raisins

And the staple of every raw vegan; bananas.  I had travelled with 10 bubble wrapped variously ripened bananas.

But do I have enough calories?  Am I going to eat like a king or a pauper?


2 responses to “Eating raw in Anglesey

  1. Holidays are a stress for all of us as vegans sometimes, especially if you eat raw. However I have discovered that HappyCow is very handy and I’d definitely recommend the app if you aren’t already using it.

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