How not to do a Curlformer set

Hair Diary 24th – 31st August 2013

How not to do a curlformer set – part 2 (May 2014)

Saturday 24th August

I had to say good bye to those twists, whilst they were only two week’s old, they were created on the back of 7 ish week old plaits.

So out they came.

twist out

That is a pretty limp twist out.  I know.  Though thankfully I didn’t have to wear it anywhere.

Then came the detangling.

Saturday 24th August

breakage and shedding

and that’s not bad breakage and shedding considering ….

Then came the overnight Tresemme naturals and coconut oil pre poo

Tresemme naturals conditioner and coconut oil pre poo

Sunday 25th August

An ACV rinse, conditioner wash and aloe vera juice rinse later you have my naked hair texture in a very blurry shot

my hair texture naked

It was a bankholiday weekend so a perfect Sunday to loose a night’s sleep.

So in went the Curlformers – set with Flaxseed Gel

curlformers - extra long and wide

Yes I ‘slept’ with those in my head.

Monday 26th August

Out came the curlformers

after the curlformer setafter the curlformer take down

Look at that frizz.

9 months later a comparison


Bed prep once the day was over.


bantu knots set with:

Beunique’s Moisture Custard and Root2Tip’s Creme butter (to seal) in the back half and

Root2Tip’s Triple M and Creme Butter (to seal) in the front half



Tuesday 27th August

Oh my goodness it’s a stinky kinky coily tangly mess

dry and tangled

dry and tangled



Wednesday 28th August

I managed to plait up that mess the night before

August 29th 2013

and I’m not risking a take down.  So I went about like this for the next few days

Saturday 31st August

it’s still dry but a little less tangled


The Afro

The Afro


The Afro

The Afro


The Afro

The Afro

How not to do a curlformer set – part 2 – 9 months later