My Hair Diary 12th – 18th August

This is somewhere about the week 7 mark of wearing these 33 delightful non-chunky, non-statement plaits.

Monday 12th August

August 12th

August 12th – bunned ponytail with Roman headbands

The week began as so many lazy styling weeks do with a bunned ponytail.  This time with two Roman headbands for a raggedy attempt to make the style ‘say something’.  I’m starting to long for the ‘fro.

Tuesday 13th August 

Not worthy of a shot – bunned low ponytail with one headband

Wednesday 14th August 

August 14th

August 14th – quiff, bun and headband

Oh I like this – it’s saying something.

Thursday 15th August

Thursday 15th August

August 15th – clipped updo

Back to the tales of the unexciting, although there is the subplot of a transition to twists.


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